Is Friendship Explorations for your child?

  • Does your child have challenges with camp experiences? Or are you looking for a fun, typical camp experience for your child?

  • Would your child benefit from developing social, play and self-regulation skills?

  • When you send your son or daughter to camp are you concerned that you might receive a phone call asking you to come pick him/her up?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Friendship Explorations is likely a good match for your child. Friendship Explorations is an outdoor based summer camp led by a licensed occupational therapist for children ages 4 - 9.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a playful summer camp experience for children who may have trouble in a traditional setting. Through a combination of skills based teaching and unstructured play, we address a wide variety of friendship skills through adventure, creativity, and connection to nature.


What makes us different?

At Friendship Explorations, while your child is playing outside with a group of new friends, he/she is also being provided support and learning skills in:

  • Sensory Processing

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Social Play

  • Fine and Gross Motor

  • Following directions

  • Sequencing

  • Play Skills

  • Balance and Strength

  • Problem solving

  • Confidence building

Join us for a fun summer camp with a therapeutic twist.

Or you can call it occupational therapy with an outdoor camp twist. Call it whatever you want, but know that your child will come home tired and happy, have an amazing week and learn skills for the future.

The first step to registering for our camp is scheduling a call where we will discuss your child’s needs and our camp’s philosophy and structure.

“My son did Corry's "Friendship Explorations" summer camp and I cannot rave about it enough. He was giddy when I dropped him off in the morning. He was giddy when I picked him up. He loved using tools in nature and his imagination. He was able to show us what they did when we went back to the sites as a family. He liked talking about his "flexible brain." Really, I just can't state strongly enough how good it was for him. And, we got pictures and lengthy write-up at the end of the day. I really learned a little about parenting choices too. Plus, I had a question about something unrelated to camp (but related to my son), and Corry talked it out with me and gave great suggestions. Thank you, Corry!”